Ethiopia Nano Challa organic

DKK 110.00 Inkl moms

Ethiopia Nano Challa organic

DKK 110.00 Inkl moms

Notes of black tea, dark berries and jasmine. Comfortable mouthfeel and medium acidity. Roasted to filter brew.

The Nano Challa cooperative was founded in 2004 by 25 farmer members from the town of Agaro in the Jimma area, Oromia, western Ethiopia. The founding members did this to jointly solve debt-related challenges, to find good buyers of their coffee and to improve the standard of production.
The Jimma area had become synonymous with low-quality commercial coffee typically sold at minimum prices.
The Nano Challa name means “the area higher up” in the local Oromifa language. It is a reference to the high-lying areas where the coffee is grown in good soil with the surrounding forest.

In 2010, Nano Challa was selected to be part of the “Technoserve Coffee Initiative” along with other lone cultivation areas. Technoserve provided technical assistance and training to producer groups and assistance in coordinating agronomists and financial advice. All to improve the quality, manage debt, reinvest and distribute profits to all cooperative members.
Since 2010, membership has risen to over 400 and the quality goals set have made their coffee one of the most sought after in the Ethiopian market. This has led to a significantly elevated standard of living for farmers and their families.

The coffee is grown in areas between 1850 and 2100 meters in height of an average of 3 hectares. The varieties grown are mostly heirloom varieties mixed with a local variant known as 1274.

Once the coffee is picked and delivered to the washing stations, the carriers are passed through a water vessel (floating) to ensure ripe berries and then pulped into an Eco Pulper (removing the pulp). The coffee is soaked in open cement tanks for 8 hours before drying. First they are dried for a short period and sorted under shade and then undergo a 10 day drying in the sun on raised drying beds.


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