Guatemala Red De Mujeres organic

DKK 95.00 Inkl moms

Guatemala Red De Mujeres organic

DKK 95.00 Inkl moms

Taste notes: Lots of blackberries and cherries. Sweet with lots of tropical fruit in the aftertaste. Lovely full and round.

Red De Mujeres or “women’s network” is a larger group of female producers covering 5 areas of Huehuetenango. The group consists of 830 women, this coffee is from the San Antonio Huista area.
All of these women have either become widowed after the 36-year civil war or left behind when their husbands moved during the coffee crisis from 2001 to 2004. Since Huehuetenango was one of the hardest hit areas of the crisis, many had chosen to give up and find work elsewhere and thus leaving behind their families.

With the help of ACODIHUE (La Asociación de Cooperación al Desarrollo Integral de Huehuetenango), these female producers have joined forces to jointly market their coffee and find international buyers.
ACODIHUE has provided information on organic cultivation methods, from the production and distribution of fertilizers and the control of coffee rust and insect infestation.

We have chosen to roast light-medium for filter coffee. Of course works for many other brewing methods as well.



Varietals: Pache, Bourbon, Caturra, washed and sun dried.

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Hele bønner / Whole beans, Espresso / Espresso, Filterbryg / Filterbrewing, Stempelkande / Frenchpress