Brazil Daterra organic

DKK 125.00 Inkl moms

Brazil Daterra organic

DKK 125.00 Inkl moms

Fazenda Daterra is touted as Brazil’s most sustainable farm. Their innovative cultivation methods and experimental approach is a model for the rest of the country. It is a collection of 216 cultivation areas on 5 – 15 hectares where they grow coffee in several quality levels. This is from their Organic Reserve Collection, a limited quantity made to a high standard and sent in vacuum-packed boxes to their customers.
After harvesting and again after processing, the beans are sorted by size, density and by color (Electronic Penta-chromatic).

Varietal: Icatu

Process: Pulped natural, semi-washed

Notes: Mango, honey and hibiscus. Balanced and sweet as it is known from Brazilian coffee.



X-mas coffee edition 2019 – the label in danish reads “JU-HUUL” a combination of the danish words for Christmas and hooray. We try not to take ourselves too serious this time of year. Internationel edition labels will read “Daterra”

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Hele bønner / Whole beans, Espresso / Espresso, Filterbryg / Filterbrewing, Stempelkande / Frenchpress